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We Got Horses!

We Got Horses!

Well friends John is outnumbered by the ladies in our family yet again.  Earlier this year we added three horses to our family and they are ALL GIRLS! We didn't choose mares on purpose, but I think John secretly loves being out numbered.  For those of you who lost count, that brings us up to: five rescue kitties (3 girls, 2 boys), four chickens (all girls), three Nigerian Dwarf goats (all girls), three horses (all girls), and two Great Pyrenees pups (1 girl, 1 boy). Without further adieu I want to properly introduce you to our horses.


Cleo is the first horse we purchased. We got Cleo from Southern Cross Guest Ranch which is one our favorite weekend getaways. I had ridden her many times during our visits and fell in love with her spunkiness. My family spent my birthday at Southern Cross with me and John this year. After the birthday festivities John and I made the decision to make Cleo ours. Although I didn't name her, I think the name Cleo fits her perfectly because of her “Cleopatra” eyeliner.  She's also queen of giving side eye.


Miss Poco is the second horse to join our family and she is also from Southern Cross Ranch. Poco is 100%  John's horse and he has never even let me ride her! I love her buckskin coloring and black legs. She is such a sweet girl and we are so happy about having her in our family.


Pumpkin comes to us by way of my cousin Mattie.  Mattie raised Pumpkin from a foal and trained her with Jolly Ranchers. Mattie just finished medical school and will be moving to New York to start her orthopaedic surgery residency. Since Mattie will be extremely busy for the next several years she was kind enough to trust us with her sweet Pumpkin and we are thrilled to welcome her!

All three of our girls are boarding at Southern Cross Ranch until we finish our barn. John and I love going up to the ranch to ride them as much as possible and riding has turned into one of our favorite activities to do together. We look forward to bringing them down and introducing them to the rest of our little hobby farm soon! If you want to read more about our other fur babies check out my posts about our goats and puppies. Horses are sure to be another fun adventure 🙂

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