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Our New House

Our New House

Greetings friends! Many of you may be asking, I thought you were building a house not buying one? I'm answering all of those questions in my post why we chose to buy a house instead of building a barndominium. Over the next several months we will be sharing all of our home renovations and taking you through room by room as we eventually get everything moved and decorated. For now, I couldn't wait to share the outside and a little tour of the property / barn!  We are technically in a neighborhood but the smallest lots are five acres so people still have plenty of privacy.  Our little hobby farm sits on a little over ten acres so all of the fur babies have plenty of room to stretch their legs.  Another thing that we loved is that the house is in an equestrian neighborhood and has horse trails throughout for us to ride the girls! Plenty of our neighbors also have horses so we look forward to meeting them on the trails!

Ok, when I initially saw the house listed online all I could see was the red windows. To be perfectly honest, I do not like them but once we saw the rest of the property it was so perfect we couldn't resist.  In regards to the red windows, we decided to focus on the interior renovations first and work on the exterior facelift next year.  Our plan is to replace the windows with black aluminum cased windows and paint the exterior white.

One of our absolute favorite features of the property is the barn for our horses! It is just the right size and has many of the features we were looking to put into our Barndominium.

The main corridor has a hay storage room and two stalls that open to a small gated paddock.

We are in the process of removing the mats and replacing them with honeycomb flooring that will allow liquids to drain through a porous layer and be more hygienic for the horses.  I will update y'all on that more when we finish it!  The other side of the barn has a wash bay as well as an oversized tack room to store all of our gear!

We will eventually be updating the decor to make it more our own!

Outside of the back of the house we have several fenced acres where the fur babies will have plenty of room to play!  If you have been following along my instagram stories, you know the goats have really enjoyed our back porch! In case you were wondering, the horses will be in a separate fenced pasture from the goats and pups!

I really look forward to sharing more of the inside and the property as we move in and make our renovations!

Stay tuned y'all the fun is just beginning!