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The Scoop on Natural Kitty Litter

We wanted to eliminate chemicals from our kitties daily routine as well. We recently tried natural kitty litter and I have to say we are fans!
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John and I really make an effort to use natural products in our home. (John says he actually has nothing to do with it, he uses what is there LOL) We have switched to organic and essential oil based cleaning products and have always purchased organic foods when available. Our kitty babies are definitely a part of our family. Since we all share the same space, we wanted to eliminate chemicals from their daily routine as well. We recently tried LitterMaid® Premium Walnut litter from Walmart and I have to say we are fans of this natural kitty litter!

Odor Control

My first concern when switching to natural kitty litter was whether or not the odor control would be comparable.  With five kitties in the house, we really need to neutralize tough little box odors and LitterMaid® Premium Walnut handles the less than desirable smells very well! I also like that this litter is fragrance-free, in my opinion, scented litter can smell worse than unscented after it is “masking” a few odors.

One of my biggest tips for litter box maintenance and odor control are litter box liners.  I completely change out litter once or twice a week and liners make that job super easy. The LitterMaid® Premium Walnut litter has powerful clumping so scooping is easy, but there is still no substitute for good old fashioned new litter.

Cleaner Home

One major complaint with traditional litter is the dust it creates in our home. I cannot stand pouring litter into the box and stand up with a cloud of dust around me. On top of this litter being made with natural walnut shells, LitterMaid® Premium Walnut litter is 99% dust free. GAME CHANGER! In full disclosure, the fine particles of the walnuts do still get caught in their little paws. The best way to combat litter tracking in the house is with a domed litter box and a litter mat in front of the box. Our box usually has a dome over it, but I took it off so I could catch this little gem of Toulouse showing his full approval of the LitterMaid® Premium Walnut litter! You're welcome 😉


I love that I can find a specialty product at a convenient location. LitterMaid® Premium Walnut litter can be easily located in the cat aisle at your local Walmart. It's near the top shelf, so you know it's premium quality but it's Walmart so you know it's an affordable price!

What are your thoughts on natural kitty litter? Have you tried it? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments. If you haven't tried it, you can find out more information about LitterMaid® Premium Walnut litter here or by visiting them on Facebook and Instagram!