Easy, Healthy Weeknight Meal

Easy, Healthy Weeknight Meal
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I LOVE to cook, it’s one of my life passions. However there are just some days that I don’t have it in me by the end of the day or I’m traveling and staying in a hotel without my kitchen to prepare a meal. Since being diagnosed with gluten and dairy allergies many of my quick meal choices have gone away. Gone are the days of getting home from work, throwing on my pj’s and just eating anything I have in the freezer. I have to be more discerning and I would also like to think that my taste buds have evolved since the days of the hot-pocket 😉 I recently discovered EatingWell® frozen entrees at my local Kroger in the frozen food aisle and to my very pleasant surprise they have Gluten and Dairy Free options! JACKPOT!

EatingWell has all of the things you want like one cup of vegetables per meal, whole wheat/grain, all natural whole muscle protein, gluten-free and vegetarian options WITHOUT all of the stuff you don’t want preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, PHO or MSG, rBST and rBGH free dairy (if you choose an option with dairy) and BPA packaging.After doing a little research, I realized these are the same people behind EatingWell® magazine. They started over 20 years ago with a simple goal in mind: help you eat better. We share the same thought that simple, healthy, delicious food should be a convenient way of life. So now busy nights, my go-to is either the Steak Carne Asada or the Korean Inspired Beef.  Thank goodness I can just go to my freezer and pull out a delicious, plated, and good for me meal!Each meal heats up conveniently in the microwave, the Fresh-Seal® packaging ensures that each meal tastes delicious.  Resit the urge to remove the Fresh-Seal®, it’s supposed to stay on! Place in the microwave and your delicious, healthy dinner is just minutes away!(Can you see that Sylvie is keeping an eye on the goods?! Silly Kitty)

If you are curious, just like me make sure you check out all of the EatingWell meal options and ingredients here! Until next time, cheers to easy, healthy dinners and no dishes to clean 🙂

I recently discovered EatingWell® frozen entrees in the frozen food aisle and to my very pleasant surprise, they have Gluten and Dairy Free options!