Crazy Cat Lady Gifts

Crazy Cat Lady Gifts

Over the last 3 years, John and I have rescued/fostered over thirty kitties.  Before you think we are truly insane, we only have seven permanent kitty residents.  Our five rescue kitties have a special place in our hearts and we couldn't imagine life without them. All of our permanent fur babies were abandoned by their mothers and we bottle fed them from very young ages.  Never in my wildest dreams did I anticipate having the title of Crazy Cat Lady but if the whisker tickles… laugh. *eye roll at myself*

All jokes aside, I do love good cat paraphernalia so I have compiled our list of crazy cat lady gifts for the feline lover in your life!  Plus, I wanted a good excuse to show you a few pics of my favorite fur babies. 😉

Sylvie is the OG and definitely rules to roost over here. Sylvie's gift pick is this saucy t-shirt.

Toulouse and Luna were adopted about four months before John and I got married.  They were the first set of siblings we adopted.  Luna likes this more sophisticated kitty wine gift. Toulouse prefers a cozy sweatshirt.

Cersei was one of a litter of four we had from 2 weeks old.  All of her siblings were adopted to forever homes but she found her forever home with us.  Cersei is obsessed with this grocery tote.

Drogo was part of a litter of three that we had at the same time as Cersei's litter.  His siblings found forever home, but he and Cersei accept each other as litter mates 🙂 Drogo thinks every kitty should be immortalized in their own cat portrait.

Our most recent additions are Otis and Milo.  They are the two brothers in a litter of four. Their sisters found a wonderful home in Tennessee but they are forever Georgia boys. Otis thinks people should have a cat warning before they come in the house with this cat doormat.  Milo is always down to drink out of a good cat lady mug. ***UPDATE: These two cuties ended up being adopted by my parents after our family dog, Prissy, passed away! Their names are now Charlie (Black) and Samwise (Grey) and they live a life of luxury with their kitty sister Belz.***

What do you think? Like our picks?  You can shop more of our favorite Crazy Cat Lady Gifts below!

I love good cat paraphernalia as much as the next person so I have compiled our list of crazy cat lady gifts for the feline lover in your life!