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5 Steps to Amazing Cold Brew Coffee

Until recently we had only seen elaborate cold brew apparatus in these boutique coffee shops.  Recently I teamed up with Dripo  to try their Japanese style Slow-Drip cold brew coffee maker!

So I talked about how I have created a coffee snob monster out of John, you can find more on that  here.   We absolutely love coffee and different methods of making it.  John prefers to drink cold brew coffee when he is driving, which is most days.  Until now we had only seen the elaborate cold brew apparatus in these boutique coffee shops.  Recently I teamed up with Dripo to try their Japanese style slow-drip cold brew coffee maker!

So if you are a non-cold coffee drinker like me, you may be wondering what the difference is between iced coffee and cold brew coffee. Well friend, let me save you the scornful look from the barista that I received. Iced coffee is coffee that was brewed with hot water and then put over ice. Cold brew coffee is actually brewed with iced water. Traditional hot brew or full immersion releases the bitter acids and oils. Cold-Brew coffee extracts the natural flavors and aromatics of your coffee with a balanced and smooth taste.

What I like about the Dripo cold brew coffee maker is that you can brew your coffee and transport it in the same portable container that is BPA free.



The one downside to making cold brew coffee is that it is not instant gratification.  The brewing process takes about two hours once you get it set up.  However the setup is extremely easy and you can make it in just a few steps.  John will typically set it up the night before and leave it in the refrigerator so he has his fresh cup of cold brew the next morning.  Here are 5 steps to amazing cold brew!

  1. Add Your Favorite Ground Coffee to Dripo.

  2. Insert Coffee Section into the 20oz tumbler.

  3. Fill the top water container with ice water and assemble

  4. Attach top spill proof lid and wait approximately 2 hours.

  5. Enjoy your fresh cold brew coffee!

So what do you think about cold brew coffee? Are you brave enough to try to make it at home? If you would like to try the Dripo Cold Brew Coffee maker you can find it here.  As a MHM reader use coupon code S7BB-QFLXMX-JZHVYA for 20% off  of your purchase! Thank you Dripo for sponsoring this post! #coffeemaker

Until now cold brew apparatus were only in coffee shops. I used the Dripo Japanese style cold brew coffee maker to make amazing cold brew in 5 easy steps!