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Summer Dresses

Summer Dresses

I don't know why, but I feel a little guilty when I pull out a dress to wear.  It's almost an instant outfit.  Little work and it looks pulled together. Just throw on a few accessories and I am ready to go!  On a recent shopping trip with my Mom, we found this little maxi at White House Black Market.  I have been wearing it as much as possible ever since this super fun, rain infused photo shoot with our wonderful friend, Dawn Spicer! Here are three things I look for when purchasing summer dresses.

1. Material

Dawn Spicer Photography Dawn Spicer Photography

There is NO way you will ever find me in a wool dress in the middle of July. I'm sitting here sweating just thinking about it.  I love breathable fabrics like cotton and linen.  I even have several polyester dresses that are super lightweight and perfect for beating the heat.

2. Cut

Dawn Spicer Photography Dawn Spicer Photography

Loose fitting is amazing in the summer. I love a-line, shifts, and maxi's.  You have to give the breeze a little room to get in there and air out the girls… Just sayin.

3. Details

Dawn Spicer Photography Dawn Spicer Photography

Anyone can throw on a dress, but it's the details that will make you stand out.  I love dresses with a little intrigue, like a fun color or pattern.  My favorite part of this maxi is how the vertical lines draw your eyes up and down instead of across.  I felt at least 6 inches taller than my usual 5'5″ in this thing!

I have linked several of my favorite summer dress styles here!

Most of them on are SALE!

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