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My Favorite Etsy Shops

My Favorite Etsy Shops

Being a small business owner, I LOVE supporting other small businesses.  My business website is currently getting a facelift so we are operating primarily off our Etsy store.  I love Etsy because it is a new evolution of the American dream and ingenuity.  Any person can open a storefront on Etsy and sell their products to anyone in the world. How cool is that? I'm completely nerding out over how technology has made the world so much more connected.  Being on the Etsy site everyday has been an exercise in self control for me because I am always finding new storefronts with wonderful products.  Here are my top 5 Etsy strorefronts. Disclaimer: I may be a little biased with one of them, but we only have 5 star reviews so I may not be the only one who thinks we are awesome 😉

1. LearnedStitchWorks

I ordered customized collars for all of my fur babies from Learned Stitchworks and they are completely adorable! All three kitties and Chloe, the pup, all match and look their finest with their collars!

Toulouse always looks so dashing in his bow ties!  Toulouse always looks so dashing in his bow ties!

2. CraftBoxDIYToGO

Craft Box DIY was my go-to this past Christmas! They have the CUTEST custom wooden boxes filled with the most luxurious gift collections. You can even work with the shop owner to curate a box specifically for your needs.  When it comes to bespoke gifting, this is as good as it gets!  I ordered from Craft Box multiple times and was always beyond pleased with the products.


I ordered the most adorable customized Starbucks coffee reusable cup from SSCBowtique. I absolutely love how they even monogram the lid! The shop owner was easy to work with and my cup arrived very quickly! How cute are these and they are only $9.50!

4. AproposRoasters

I ordered custom roasted coffee from Apropos Roasters as favors for our wedding and we could not have been more pleased! They roasted a special blend for us and shipped the packages ready to go. They even created a custom stamp using our wedding logo that we were able to keep.  This is the perfect idea to brand any event. We will definitely use them again!

5. SpecialEventKeys

Ok, so this is the one where I may be a little biased but I absolutely love our product! We do custom luggage and back pack tags as well as custom hotel room keys for weddings and special events!  We started by doing hotel room keys for a few of our friends with their picture's on them for their wedding. We had such a great response that we have turned it into a business that now also offers luggage tags and gift tags as well.  Our luggage tags are made out of durable plastic and come with a stainless steel clasp that can even be used in saltwater and won't rust.  That's what happens when a family of scuba divers is making the decisions, we want them to be able to be used on everything from your luggage to your beach gear! #tageverybag

AND because I love you guys, use code MHMFriends for 30% off your purchase of $15 or more.