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How to Make the Most of a Long Weekend

How to Make the Most of a Long Weekend

I LOVE long weekends!  That one extra day in my weekend is just downright good for my soul.  I am so regimented during the week that when a typical weekend rolls around I really like to make the most of not having a set schedule.  There are few feelings I like more than waking up and knowing I can just see where the day takes me.  When a long weekend comes, the extra day just works wonders to renew my ambition and creativity.  Here is what I do to make the most of my long weekends without having a set schedule!

1. Do One Productive Thing Each Day

It's important to optimize relaxation and recharge your batteries. I always feel better when I accomplish at least one productive task a day.  I recommend tackling this task first thing in the morning so it isn't looming over you all day. It doesn't have to be major, but take time to tackle a chore you wouldn't do on a regular day. Pick a drawer in your kitchen to go through and purge, finish that half completed DIY project that's been collecting dust, plant a few flowers, or even clean out the fridge. Anything that will give you a sense of accomplishment so you are free to Netflix *cough, and chill, cough* without any sense of guilt.

2. Give Yourself Permission to Say No

Where is it written that you have to accept every social invite?  The answer is nowhere. The beauty of having a long weekend is being able to relax and rejuvenate.  I am definitely not advocating being a recluse, but there is absolutely no reason to overschedule yourself and go from engagement to engagement.  Here is a polite way to decline an invitation:

Always Express Gratitude: “Thank you so much for inviting us!”
Simply and plainly decline: “But we won’t be able to make it.” (A reason isn't necessary)
Change the subject by offering an alternative: “We would love to have you over for dinner soon. When is good for you?”
Be genuine, but stick to your guns. It will look bad if you flip flop your answer if they continue to insist. You do not have to give a reason why you cannot attend.  

Side Note: If you are the one inviting, do not ask the invited party why they cannot attend. If they don't offer an explanation, it's rude for you to ask. 

3. Plan One Fun Activity You Normally Wouldn't Do

Weekends typically get filled with chores and things we have to do, but that one additional day lends itself to an extra day of fun.  Take the opportunity to explore a new hiking trail, go to the beach or pool, or even drive somewhere just for the day to explore a new local scene.  One of our favorite things to say is, “The world is our oyster!”  Long weekends are perfect for spontaneity and new adventures.

What do you have planned for your long weekend? I hope you have one filled with fun and relaxation!