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MHM Style Week 2017: Staple Pieces

MHM Style Week 2017: Staple Pieces

Day four of #MHMStyle Week 2017 happens to fall on a Saturday so I am going to call today Saturday Staples.  There are just some days when I just can't exert any extra brain power towards putting an outfit together.  Those days I just want to do the bare minimum and get out the door.  On such days, I have a few staple items that I can fall back and know they will work with whatever clothes I happen to see first hanging in the closet.

When I am having a “bare minimum” day the only pieces of jewelry I wear are my wedding rings and a pair of earrings.  We designed my engagement ring to have mixed metal and it's a combination of yellow gold and platinum. I love that it coordinates with either yellow gold or silver.  However, I primarily wear yellow gold.

One of my everyday favorite pairs of earrings are my gold Pavé Arabesque Chandeliers. These little beauties come in silver and gold so whatever your fancy they are perfect!

My other go to are my gold sparkle studs.  They are CZ but look like just like the real thing.  At the $19 price point you cannot beat them.  Even if you have the real deal, these are still a great option.  I prefer to wear these to the beach and gym just because I don't care as much if I lose one 🙂

Whatever the reason for your “bare minimum” day you can still feel put together with a few staple items that do not require any additional effort!

What is one item you won't leave the house without?

Don't forget, you can shop and browse here anytime now through October 14th to be entered to win your choice of any of my featured accessories during MHM Style Week! 

Have questions? Need help picking the perfect accessories for a certain outfit? Need it all? Want it free? PM me anytime or comment and share with us in MHM Style Week Facebook Group. I can't wait to hear from you all!


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