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What Does Your Starbucks Drink Say About You?

What Does Your Starbucks Drink Say About You?

Sister trips bring out the crazy eccentrics in us. We own the trademark in our own brand of foolishness and it is currently being fueled by a little Sam Hunt and Brett Eldridge car jammin'. In our wise musings and deep conversations we began to delve into the deeper intricacies in a persons choice of Starbucks beverage. You're welcome. We recognize the great effect on the population that observations such as these will have. It is with the utmost humility that we share these with you now.

Skinny Vanilla Latte

When someone suggests going to a bar do you assume it's spelled *barre*? Basics would say that this is literally the best drink out there and you totes agree. Haters gonna hate and fakers gonna fake but you just shake it off and live the fab life all day err' day. They can all keep their unsweetened unflavored robust coffees, you know what you like and deep down they all wish they had it too. With this latte you get to have your sweets and keep your figure too. *mic drops*

Black Pour Over

Do the mountains know you by name and call to you every time a crisp breeze rolls by? Are flannels and beanies a part of your daily attire regardless of the season? Do you know a guy who's in a really cool up and coming band? You, oh wise one, know that the best things in life aren't found in the froth but normally covered up by it. So let's all strip it down to the nitty gritty and enjoy a steaming cup of hand-poured, fresh-brewed nature.

London Fog

Well look at you young professional! There are many shades of grey out there, but no fog can cover the fact that you, my dear, are the earl of your own destiny! I see what you're twerkin with and I am impressed! Enjoy your steaming cup of refined caffeine sans coffee breath. Goodness knows your clients and coworkers appreciate it!


OH HEYYYY! Sippin on this tasty treat brings out that stunning blue steal duck face you rocked the hell out of back in 2001. *really really really ridiculously good looking* Starbucks may not be your daily thing, but you sure know how to treat yourself and make the most of it when you do go! This grown up milkshake lets you feel like an adult while still indulging the child inside of you that we all know still calls all the shots.


You're a dog. I'm sorry to burst your bubble and be the first one to tell you this truth. But you're not a human, no matter how much you may think you are. You're that pup who goes to the office 9-5 and gets blueberry acai facials when you go to the groomers. #toomuch If it makes you feel any better, I bet many of the real humans around you would gladly switch places with you and your posh puppy lifestyle. #blessed

Which one are you?  I would love to know!