How to Add Excitement to Your Morning Routine

How to Add Excitement to Your Morning Routine
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When the clock struck midnight on New Year's Eve 2020 do you think anyone anticipated how this year was going to turn out? I know I sure as heck did not. I will say that on New Year's Eve John cut off the tips of two fingers and then the first week of the year we came down with a horrible stomach bug, I should have known then that 2020 was going to be one for the books. All of this to say I have learned a lot of things this year and one of those is to appreciate the small luxuries in life and to make the most of every day. One thing I try to do is start my day off on a positive note, since every day feels like the same here are a few ways that I have added excitement to my morning routine.

1. Change Up Your Morning Coffee

When I used to have to go into the office every day I would get into a rut and make the same latte recipe almost every day. Now I will switch it up between a caramel brûlée lattepumpkin spiceraspberry and cream latte, or even a cup of tea! I take my time with it and get creative. Its such a little thing but I am excited to see where my tastebuds take me every morning and experiment with new recipes.

2. Change Up Your Mouthwash Flavor

I recently picked up LISTERINE® Coconut + Lime Blend Mouthwash and LISTERINE® Green Tea + Mint Blend Mouthwash at my local Walmart because I wanted to add a little excitement to my morning self care routine.

You can find both limited edition flavors in the dental aisle at your local Walmart or hover over the photo above to click through to for purchasing.

I love that both botanically-inspired flavor blends are alcohol-free and contain four essential oils that help kill up to 99% of bad breath germs! Since they are made with zero alcohol, both the LISTERINE® Green Tea + Mint Blend Mouthwash and LISTERINE® Coconut + Lime Blend Mouthwash have a less intense taste. I rotate between the two to flavors every morning and it's just one more way to add excitement and break up the monotony of a morning that otherwise looks the same.

3. Get Outside

It may seem like such a simple thing to do, but every morning after my coffee and self care routine, I make sure to go outside and take a little walk. The vitamin D from the sun and smile my fur babies put on my face just set up my day for success. Pearl is always willing to give me sweet puppy kisses but I think she appreciates me using the LISTERINE® Coconut + Lime Blend Mouthwash to get rid of my coffee breath before giving her a few smooches.

Whether you are back to your normal routine or still home most of the time, I think every morning can use a little bit of extra excitement these days! Let me know in the comments how you like to add excitement to your morning routine!

Everyday deserves to start on a positive note, here are a few of my favorite ways that you can add excitement to your morning routine.

Everyday deserves to start on a positive note, here are a few of my favorite ways that you can add excitement to your morning routine.