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St. Simons Island, GA Highlights

St. Simons Island, GA Highlights

St. Simons Island, Georgia is a beautiful little island in southern Georgia that has a laid back and fun vibe.  It has establishment type restaurants that have been around 40+ years and others that are new.  The downtown “village” area is quaint with lots of shops and something for everyone. St. Simons also has a big golfing community with Sea Island and several other courses. I was there for work but still had time to hit a few fun places at night! Here are my highlights.

The Crab Trap

The Crab Trap is such a fun restaurant located very close to the beach on St. Simons. If you are looking for frills, this is not your place but I think being in business for 40 years is a testament to the yummy seafood they serve.

One thing I love about the atmosphere is that it is a really great place to get comfortable with people!  I love that they have holes right in the middle of the table with a trash can underneath so you can throw away your shells and extras.

We started out with the she crab soup.  At The Crab Trap, the she crab is a milk based instead of cream based.  It was really nice change because I typically find she crab soup to be extremely rich and filling.  This one was still delicious but didn't fill me up too much to enjoy the rest of the meal.

Mullet Bay

To me, the selling point of Mullet Bay is their deck seating.  It is absolutely perfect for a casual evening enjoying the coastal breezes.  The food, as you may expect, is southern seafood but they do it really well.  I really enjoyed the fried shrimp and sweet potato fries.

The Pier

The St. Simons Island Pier is the perfect place to go after you have finished a dinner in the village. Here you will find fishermen trying to get their last bit of fishing done for the evening and other people just strolling with their families just enjoying the sunset.

You may also run into this old guy! Don't let his good looks fool you, he is hell on wheels. Do yourself a favor and watch your children a little closer than normal, I saw him bite someone who got fresh with him!  Served the man right if you ask me….

Have you been to St. Simons? What are your favorite spots?