How to Style Leopard Print

How to Style Leopard Print

I have always been a huge fan of leopard print. Even when it isn’t on trend I wear it so I’m thrilled that leopard print finally back in style this fall. I know it can sometimes be intimidating to wear such a bold print, but as my best friend Charlotte says “leopard” is a neutral. With this in mind, here are several ways I love to style leopard print into my wardrobe.

1. Short Sleeved Shirt

I love a short-sleeved version because it is great to wear under a blazer or in warmer climates.  It is a great transition piece, and will carry you from fall to winter and winter to spring!  Pair with black pants or jeans.

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2. Long Sleeved Top

I love to style leopard with other neutrals. These white cords give a lighter look.  I have unbuttoned the bottom buttons on this silk top and tied it at the waist to give a more tailored silhouette.

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3. Pants

Admittedly, this look is a bit bold.  HOWEVER, sometimes you just need to make a statement. You can tone it down a notch by loosing the bright colored blazer or pairing with a chunky knit sweater. I love that these pants can go either way because they are a more muted leopard print.

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4. Skirts

Give me a statement skirt any day of the week.  Pair with an anchor color for instant chic!

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5. Shoes

In my opinion, shoes are one of the easiest ways to add leopard print to your wardrobe.  Throw it on with just about any outfit and you are sure to look chic.  Here are a few of my favorites.

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6. Accessories

Whether it's a watch, bag, clutch, or scarf.  A little addition of leopard is always a good idea!

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What are your favorite ways to style leopard print?