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How to Prepare for Flu Season Early

I always hope that I don't get the flu, but I stock up on supplies at the beginning of cold and flu season. Here is how I prepare for flu season early.

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As much as I like to be optimistic and hope that I do not get a cold or flu, I always stock up with what I need at the beginning of cold and flu season so I don't have to venture out when I am not feeling my best. Here are a few ways of how I prepare for cold and flu season.

Stock Up On Vicks Products

There are several items in the Vick's lineup that I use as part of my wellness routine, not just when I have a cold or flu. I LOVE their Vicks VapoShower tablets because they infuse with your shower steam helping you to elevate your shower experience.

When you’re feeling tired and rundown, turn your shower into a Vicks Vapo Sauna so you can feel like yourself again. The proprietary blend of Menthol, Eucalyptus and Camphor in the soothing Vicks vapors you love, are now available in your shower! All you have to do is place it on shower floor in direct stream of water and continue running shower until completely dissolved.

The second item that is part of my everyday wellness routine is my Vicks VapoCream. VapoCream combines delightful Vicks vapors in a moisturizing and easy-to-use cream.

I use this every night because its easy to use. Vicks VapoCream can be applied to your chest, back, and throat with long lasting vapors all night keeps me breathing easier.

Before cold and flu season I always stock up on Vicks Products at my local Walmart including: Vicks VapoShower, Vicks VapoPatch, Vicks VapoCream,Vicks Night Time FluTherapy SEVERE Cold & Flu Treatment, Vicks Non-Drowsy FluTherapy SEVERE Cold & Flu Treatment, Vicks VapoCOOL Lozenges, Vicks VapoCOOL Sore Throat Spray. 

After I stock up on all of my Vicks necessities, I store everything in an easily accessible white plastic bin under my bathroom sink. Whenever John or I start feeling under the weather, I pull out the bin and put in on the nightstand so we don't have to get out of bed to find anything.  Once we are feeling better, I have everything in one place so know what I need to restock and the white plastic bin is dishwasher safe so I can easily sanitize it!

Finally, my favorite product to have on hand is the Vicks VapoPatch. VapoPatch is long-lasting and non-medicated to help soothe your senses. Provides soothing Vicks vapors in an easy-to-use aromatherapy patch. Simply peel, apply, and breathe in long lasting Vicks Vapors.

I sincerely hope that you do not have to use any of these products this year, but you know what they say it's better to be prepared and not need something than need something and not have it! Vicks products are the complete solution for your Cold, Cough, and Flu season needs. Wishing you a happy and healthy winter season friends.

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I always hope that I don't get the flu, but I stock up on supplies at the beginning of cold and flu season. Here is how I prepare for flu season early.