3 Simple Habits That Will Change Your Life

3 Simple Habits That Will Change Your Life

I am not a fan of New Year’s resolutions, never really have been.  Do they work for some people? Possibly, but in my experience, big sweeping life changes are not sustainable unless you have a plan to incorporate them into your daily life.  Instead of making big broad resolutions, I like to incorporate small habits that will amount to the big change I want to make. 

1. Don't Over Schedule

I am THE WORST at trying to cram too much into my schedule without taking into account travel time or other eventualities.  Inevitably, I am late and rushing around. All the over-scheduling ends up creating unnecessary stress in my day and forces me to take time from “less demanding” items in my schedule like meals or breaks. This year I am establishing the habit of creating space in my schedule by giving each appointment an extra fifteen minutes. I know that the extra time will actually help me to be more productive and present during the time I have allotted for each task.

2. Be Prepared

don’t know about you, but hanger (hunger + anger = hanger) is a legitimate problem in my life. If I over-schedule and miss a meal or skip breakfast, I start getting really hangry.  I can’t focus and I actually start to feel physically ill.  Hanger kills my productivity.  This year I am creating the habit of being prepared with a hanger-killing snack. I keep a wide range of gluten and dairy-free snacks on hand at all times so even when I am super busy I am never caught HANGRY! You can find a few of my favorites: here, here, and here.

3. Fill Up Your gas Tank When It's at 1/4 Tank

I know, that one caught you off guard. It seems simple, but you will be surprised how much this will remove stress from your life. For the record, I have never actually run out of gas, but I have been really close, and it always seems to happen when I am running late. This year, I am creating the habit of treating ¼ tank as empty and fill the tank up ahead of time, so I don’t have a gas emergency if I am running behind.

What are your tried and true life hacks that are truly life-changing?


#AD Almonds provide sustained energy (health and nutrition) to conquer any task at hand; they are convenient and can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere! This year, I challenge you to prioritize your health and your schedule and adopt these habits to help you balance it all!