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Strawberry Nutella Pound Cake Panini

Strawberry Nutella Pound Cake Panini

When you bake pound cakes as much as I do, you have to come up with a few creative recipes so you can keep it fresh for everyone enjoying it. The way I see it, pound cake is not only good by itself, but also a fabulous base for a so many other yummy concoctions! I have to give credit where it is due and my Mom actually came up with this idea and boy does it deliver on so many levels! Let's get to it.

The ingredients here are really simple: pound cake, butter, nutella, and strawberries.  Of course, I recommend using my signature pound cake recipe and you can find that recipe here.  However, if you are in a pinch you can use store bought, there is so much butter on it you won't be able to tell too much.  (I'm worried I am starting to sound like Paula Deen with all the butter)

There are a few options when choosing your method of making a panini.  If you have a true panini press, good on ya!  This might be a good time to pull that bad boy out since I am guessing you haven't used it since someone fulfilled that gift off your wedding registry.  My Mom gets creative and uses her George Foreman grill for the task.  I personally don't have either so I use my trusty electric skillet and a weighted press.

Preheat the skillet to around 300°, then melt a small pat of butter for each pound cake slice.

Obviously there will be two otherwise it would just be toast instead of a panini :-)  Obviously there will be two otherwise it would just be toast instead of a panini 🙂

After the butter melts add your slices of pound cake.

Wait about a minute so the pound cake can start to brown then add your nutella.

Then choose a side and add your strawberries!

Now its time to put it all together! Put the side that doesn't have the strawberries on top of the one that does. It may be a little crumbly but thats the beauty of nutella and the weight, it just holds everything together.

Once you have the two parts together, place the weighted press on top and let it bind together for about a minute.

Shout out to my Meredith Raiford art in the background!  Shout out to my Meredith Raiford art in the background!

After about a minute, remove it from the skillet with a spatula and serve immediately.  I love to put more strawberries as well as fresh whipped cream on the top! Enjoy!


Madeleine's Signature Pound Cake

6 oz Fresh Strawberries

1 TB Butter

2 TB Nutella

Fresh Whipped Cream


1.   Preheat the skillet to 300°

2.   Divide the butter in half and place each half on the skillet to melt.

3.   Put one slice of pound cake on each of the pats of butter wait a minute to let it brown.

4.   Divide the nutella in half and put equal amounts on each slice of pound cake.

5.   Add a few strawberries on one slice of pound cake.

6.   Put the slice of pound cake with no strawberries on top of the one that has strawberries.

7.   Place your weighted press on top and let sit for a minute.

8.   Remove from skillet with a spatula.

9. Plate with more strawberries and the fresh whipped cream.

10.   Serve Immediately!

11.  Enjoy!