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Dairy-Free Dessert Bar

Dairy-Free Dessert Bar

Sponsored by Danone and all opinions are my own.

Nothing says delicious treat in the south like ice cream. When I had to remove dairy from my diet due to an allergy, a cold after dinner ice cream treat became one of the foods I missed.  I began looking for ways to make my favorite foods without dairy, all while making sure they tasted so delicious that John wouldn't miss the dairy one bit!  I am fairly certain he feels better after having less dairy and more plants in his diet. Small victories are still victories. Even if you aren't a vegan or dairy-free this So Delicious ® Dairy-Free Frozen Dessert Bars will have you thinking they are super indulgent!

John and I shop at our local Walmart every week because it is a one-stop-shop for all of our household and plant-based diet needs. We love that they offer all of our favorite products and both flavors of our  So Delicious ® Dairy-Free Frozen Dessert Bars Salted Caramel and Mocha Almond Fudge. We always make sure to have them both in our freezer.

Since I am now 7 months pregnant I love that I have the option for a dairy-free dessert that satisfies my crazy cravings.  John loves that he can really easily stop by Walmart and pick them up without going out of his way to a specialty store LOL.  Priorities 🙂

I was laughing when I took these photos because if we were going to be really accurate with the pregnancy photos, I would be eating my So Delicious ® Dairy-Free Frozen Dessert Bars in bed clothed in my pj's surrounded by a pregnancy pillow and my cats.  I will spare you the vivid imagery and just show me sitting on my kitchen counter.

Whether you are vegan, dairy-free, have a specialty diet, or just looking to incorporate a few changes in your food choices, Walmart has all of the options you need at a great price!  I highly recommend picking up  So Delicious ® Dairy-Free Frozen Dessert Bars next time you are in the store, you absolutely won't regret it!