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Two Ways to Add Efficiency to Your Workday

Two Ways to Add Efficiency to Your Workday

Office Depot sponsored this post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting brands that support Moderately High Maintenance

Over the last several months I have been taking you guys behind the scenes of my businesses and have had such a great time sharing tips and tricks to make your work life a little smoother.  We started with maximizing time in your work day, then organized a home office for under $50, then covered the behind the scenes of my content creation business, and finally shared how to make your small business stand out.  Today I want to bring it all together with a wrap up post with Office Depot with a couple overarching tips that help guide me daily at work. Here are two ways to add efficiency to your workday!

1. Handle It One Time

This is a MAJOR life lesson from my Mom, Mel. As much as possible, handle it once.  For example, when you pull in your mail, rather than dropping it on the first horizontal surface you find to handle later, walk straight to the trashcan and drop all junk mail in a trash and then put your bills and other necessary mail into piles to go through when you have assigned to batch those tasks. One thing I have been trying to do is go paperless. I use my HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 Printer from Office Depot to scan in documents that I need to keep so that I don’t have to store them in files anymore.

After I have scanned in those documents, I store the digital files in a secure folder on my computer.

When I organized my home office with items from the See Jane Work line, I created a file folder for items that need to be shredded.  Slowly but surely I’m trying to eliminate all file folders except for my shred folder.

When I make a trip to an Office Depot location I just grab my shred folder and take it to be shredded.  I don’t even have to remove my staples or paperclips.  For large amounts of documents that are too heavy, Office Depot will come to you for your one-time shredding needs. Shredding with Workonomy services at Office Depot not only helps keep your identity safe but also helps reduces your carbon footprint and save a ton of landfill space!

2. Have the Right People On Call

As an entrepreneur it is so easy to get into the mindset that I have to do it all myself.  I am a big fan of outsourcing tasks, but sometimes I just need to have someone to call and get an answer to a quick question.  Office Depot has everyone, including the solopreneur, covered with comprehensive managed IT support.  They are always available 24x7x365 by phone or chat so when you are burning the midnight oil, they are ready and willing to help you quickly!

From remote tech support and computer services to installation and managed IT as a service, Office Depot can do a lot to help keep your small business running smoothly.

All in all, I am so thankful for the commitment that Office Depot has to supporting small businesses like mine. They make it easy for me to maximize my time and keep everything running as smoothly as possible!

Office Depot sponsored this post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.