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3 Ways to Make Most of Monday

3 Ways to Make Most of Monday

I know most people dread Monday's but it is actually one of my favorite days of the week.  I love to use my Monday to set me up for success the rest of the week.  I find that my productivity wanes as the week progresses.  If I knock a lot out at the beginning of the week, I find that I am more willing to give myself permission to rest as the week moves forward. Here are three things I do to make the most of Monday and my week.

1.  Make My Weekly Goal List

I have always been a list oriented person. If I write it down, you best believe I will be crossing it off of that list.  I just love the satisfying feeling of marking something complete! When making the list, I am specific. For example, I don't just write “work on blog” I would say, “write and photograph two recipe posts”.  I really like to make weekly goal lists as opposed to daily lists because it allows me to be flexible with my days and move things around if necessary.  My weekly list typically has between 14-21 items on it so it can be spaced out 2-3 tasks every day. I write things down in my planner, but my favorite tool to keep myself organized is Asana.

2. Never Miss a Monday Workout

I like to exercise 4-5 days a week.  Mondays are my day for progress.  As the week progresses, plans come up and life happens.  Making sure that I get exercise in on Monday allows me the flexibility later in the week for the inevitable change in plan.  Although, I have found that if I get in my Monday workout I am much more likely to get in that 5th workout of the week. The Monday workout also just gives a good springboard to build on for the rest of the week. I always find I am more motivated to workout if I like what I am wearing.. don't know why but it's a thing… Here are some of my favorites:

3. Eat a Healthy Dinner at Home

This has two benefits, health of your body and health of your wallet.  If John and I eat out for dinner, it typically costs anywhere from $25-$30 for an average dinner.  Making sure we eat at home on Monday's gives us flexibility to go out with friends or family later in the week.  Eating at home on Monday saves us lots of calories and at least $80 a month and almost $1,000 a year. Here are a few of my favorite easy recipes: spunky crockpot chicken, vegan arugula pesto (perfect over pasta for a meatless Monday), and you can never go wrong with a homemade  burger!

Starting my Monday off strong and on schedule helps me to be flexible the rest of the week which I really value.  My question to you is this: Why put off to tomorrow what you can do Monday? 
What are your tricks to make the most of your Monday?
3 ways to make the most of monday


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