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Spring 2018 Style Trends

Spring 2018 Style Trends

I spent a day this week with some fabulous blogger friends at America's Mart in Atlanta at the February Apparel Market. The February Market is where retailers from all over the country go to buy their products for late spring and summer fashion.

Ashlee Nicole Tiller from Ashlee Nicole MD, Kathleen Barnes from Carrie Bradshaw Lied, Me, Rina Puri from Chicks and Salsa

I had so much fun exploring all of the latest trends that will soon be hitting stores near you. Here are a few of the spring 2018 style trends that I spotted and ways to incorporate them into your wardrobe NOW.

Key Trends: White Accessories, Sheer Fabrics, Stripes, Fringe and Tassels!

1. White Accessories

I think white accessories can be so feminine and chic. I saw lots of enamel jewelry as well as tassels which I love. Here are a few ways that I have worn white accessories recently.

I love this neutral maxi dress (yes, those are pockets and it's under $20) with this long enamel white necklace. The vertical lines of the dress make even the most petite girl look a little taller.  I tied it all together with simple white sandals.


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Other Favorite White Accessories: 

2. Sheer Fabrics

I like sheer fabrics when they are effortless.  I really do not like having to worry about my clothes being see-through or having to worry about extra layers. However,  if the sheer fabric is done in a tasteful way, like in sleeves, then I am fully on board with this trend!

This look ties in two trends with sheer fabrics paired with white accessories. The shirt bodice is lined so no worries there. The sheer arms and bell sleeves are very on trend while still maintaining a classic look with the color choice.


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Other Favorite Sheer Fabric Looks: 

3. Stripes

I feel like stripes are always in style, but maybe that's just me?  When given the choice, I will choose stripes over polka dots every single time.

Navy and white stripes with red accents are as tried and true as the 4th of July.  The combination is just timeless. I added white tassel earrings and a cognac leather striped bag to tie everything together.

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Other Favorite Stripe Looks:

4. Fringe and Tassels

Some people can rock fringe like it's their job, I can only take fringe in small doses. Tassels are more my jam and feel like there are a lot more versatile options in the tassel department.

I really love this structured blazer with just a hint of fringe. It gives a nod to the trend while still maintaining a classic professional look. Tassel jewelry is the EASIEST way to work in this trend. So many options it's hard to narrow it down. I love them all!

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Other Favorite Fringe and Tassel Looks: 

What trends are you most excited for this spring?

photography by Lillian Morse Photography