3 Ways to Transition from Work to Home

3 Ways to Transition from Work to Home

There are some days it’s easy to transition from the work to home. Then there are other days when a customer has been extremely rude or it just seems that nothing can go right and it becomes difficult to leave those things at the office. It is not fair to yourself, your partner, or family to have that ruin the rest of your day. Here are three ways to transition from work to home so you can have a peaceful evening!

1. Make a list before you leave work.

Ever have that feeling that you are going to forget something really important and it nags you all night? I always make a list of my tasks for the next day before I leave work so I am not worried about forgetting the tasks before the morning. It is the perfect way to wind down the last fifteen minutes of the day. Reflect on your accomplishments, then think of your five most important tasks for the next day. Then leave the list on your keyboard so it is the first thing you see the next morning. Once you leave the office, forget about the list until work tomorrow!

2. Listen to your favorite music on your commute.

You know that song that is your JAM? Rock out on your way home. If you are feeling really crazy, then dance a little bit and get your blood flowing. If you need a little song inspiration, you can find one of my favorite playlists, here. The endorphin's from hearing your favorite song and dancing will chemically boost your mood and help you forget about your stressful day at the office.

3. Take a walk around the block.

One of my favorite ways to relieve stress as I mentioned here, is to exercise. If you aren’t ready to face home when you pull in your driveway, clear your thoughts with a walk around the block. It’s amazing how much clarity you can get from being outside. There have been afternoons that I have literally walked around the block four times before I felt ready to go inside. When I did go inside I was ready to relax with a clear mind.

Of course there are days that are better than others, but I hope this helps you navigate the rough ones with a little more relaxation and peace!

What are your favorite ways to transition from work to home?

There are other days when it just seems difficult to leave work at the office. Here are three ways to transition from work to home to have peaceful evening!

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