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2 Questions to Ask Before You Post

2 Questions to Ask Before You Post

Imagine you are in a room with all of your colleagues, close friends, and acquaintances you have accumulated throughout the last decade. In this group everyone has different backgrounds, beliefs, stories, and emotional ties to you.  You are on the stage with a microphone. What do you choose to say?

This is essentially what facebook is, a diverse group of people with whom you have personal connections, each of whom have their own individual beliefs and backgrounds.  When you post, you are not just speaking to one or two of them, you are speaking to the group at large.

I highly doubt that you want to be someone who dumps their aggression, problems, and dirty laundry on every acquaintance and this post is just a little something to help you succeed in that desire.  There are so many hot button topics: politics, religion, and money to name a few. I could get into the nitty gritty of each of those in their own specialized posts, but for now I will spare you because I really believe it boils down to two questions you should consider.

1. Is It Positive?

First and foremost before posting anything you should ask if it is positive or negative.  If it is negative, go no further. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Do not post it. End of story.

Few people care to hear your political rant. Your opinion is completely of value, but not when phrased in a negative, abrasive way. You rarely change someone's mind in a heated debate or by negative commentary that starts out by insulting their point of view. You do not need to avoid speaking about your personal belief at the risk of offending someone, but by the same token you do not need to shout hurtful rebuttals and statements at all those who disagree with you.

In a similar vein, if you have an argument with someone, deal with it one on one. Do not post about them specifically or passive aggressively on social media. That adds nothing to anyone's lives, yours, theirs, or whoever else happens to cross it on their newsfeed.  Which leads us to…

2. Does It Add Value?

After you have determined that your post is positive, ask yourself, what am I adding?

Don't hear me say that you have to present a picture perfect life or present your life as something it is not.  Life is messy, all of our lives are.  All I am asking is that you consider how this post is affecting both you and those who will be reading it.  Social media is such a powerful tool and can be used in beautiful ways.  Hold yourself to a higher standard.

And remember, dwelling on the negative and dumping your weight on others, brings you down too. It is a vacuum that is easy to get trapped in and I want to encourage you to fight against the easy pull to your basest level. Strive to be your best self in all areas, and let that come out in your social media interactions.