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Lunch in Savannah

Lunch in Savannah

When people hear I am near Savannah and have a fierce love of food, I always get follow up questions of my favorite local spots! I get the “where to go in Savannah” question so often these days that I have a saved list in the note section on my phone so I don't forget anything. I love sharing our favorite foodie locations from the city where John and I dated and have so many fond memories.  There is really too much on my list to include all in one post. I started the series with my favorite Brunch in Savannah restaurants and now I am going to share our favorite places for lunch in Savannah!

1. Fire Street Food

Fire is one of John's favorite places for lunch in Savannah because of their Prime Burger.  It is fast-paced, Asian/Street comfort food and oh so delicious! I am a huge fan of their curries and bubble tea! If you are looking for a fun atmosphere, scrumptious Asian fusion, and a relatively inexpensive lunch, Fire needs to be on your list.

2. Treylor Park

Oh my goodness, the folks at Treylor Park know how to thoughtfully put together a southern menu that is absolute perfection.  I absolutely love the upscale indoor space as well as their beer garden.  I went there with my bestie Charlotte for lunch and we left with our expectations blown away!  The Crab Cake Sliders, Southern Sloppy Joe, and the '77 Monte Carlo are my recommendations.  I also really enjoyed their Bloody Mary.

3. Mrs. Wilkes

If you are looking for the quintessential southern dining experience, look no further than Mrs. Wilkes.  Lunch is served family style and encourages conversation between neighbors and strangers.  Mrs. Wilke's menu changes daily but typically will consist of some combination of fried chicken and cornbread dressing, sweet potato souffle, black-eyed peas, okra gumbo, corn muffins and biscuits. They don't accept charge cards so come prepared!

Photo From Mrs. Wilkes website Photo From Mrs. Wilkes website

What are your favorite spots for lunch in Savannah? I would love to hear what you think should be added to this list!