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What’s in My Bag Beach Edition

What’s in My Bag Beach Edition

When I am on vacation I really like to keep things as MODERATELY high maintenance as possible, do I even dare say low maintenance? When I am headed on a tropical vacation I leave the big makeup bag at home and pair down to the essentials. There are a few items that are multi-purpose that I love having in my travel bag.  Here is what's in my bag beach edition!<!–more–>

1. Lancome Click & Glow Highlighters

I have these in three shades 01, 02, and 04. These are great because they have a sponge applicator already on the bottle.  All you have to do is click up the product and then apply.  I use 01 as eyeshadow and traditional highlighter.  02 is the rose-colored and I love to use it as a blush and also eyeshadow.  04 is the darkest shade picture and I use this in the crease for my eyeshadow as well as a contour if I feel like doing that much.  These give a great sheer, dewy finish that is perfect for the beach.

2. Urban Decay All Nighter Spray

This stuff is in my bag regardless of the type of trip but I especially love it in tropical climates.  It is the perfect setting spray to battle humidity and gives a gorgeous natural finish.  It is also hydrating for long flights. All Nighter Spray is one of my top 5 favorite products of all time.

3. Big Sexy Hair Push Up Volume

This spray is a perfect finishing spray for the salt air.  It gives you hair the necessary texture to keep volume but is not a firm spray and allows movement.  I 100% recommend it for tropical climates.  Still bring your hairspray though, that is not the purpose of this volume spray!


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