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When Life Hands You A Flower Crown

When Life Hands You A Flower Crown

I recently had a lesson in seizing the day and just saying yes to an opportunity.  If you see me on any given day I will typically be found in something tailored, at least business casual, and probably Banana Republic.  Got a visual image? Yep. Does it include a flower crown? NOPE.  Last month, several creatives who I really admire were putting together a styled shoot.  I work with two of them regularly, and I really wanted to seize the opportunity to all be together in one place. However, the styled portion included flower crowns. Honestly, I was really apprehensive about this.  I see all of these gorgeous images on pinterest with these boho babes rocking flower crowns and I thought, there is NO WAY I can pull that off.  The thought of taking pictures in them (that people would actually see) really pushed me out of my comfort zone.

It really forced me to ask myself, why does this make me feel uncomfortable?  What it boiled down to was self doubt and comparison. Further self examination made me ask, what opportunities could arise if I force myself to just step out of my comfort zone? How many other things am I not giving myself the chance to enjoy because I wonder how I will compare to other people?  Comparison is absolutely the thief of joy!

So what I learned from what seemed like a trivial flower crown was to not take myself so seriously.  When it came down to it, I actually had so much fun doing something that I normally wouldn't.  So whatever your flower crown may be, let me just encourage you to put it on and rock it.  Step out of your comfort zone and enjoy taking a chance.  In the end, Carpe Diem Y'all.

Because Sarah and Victoria are HILARIOUS!  Because Sarah and Victoria are HILARIOUS!

Photography: Matt Whytsell Photography

Hair and Makeup: Hello Gorgeous Makeup and Hair Artisty by Sarah Weaver

Flower Crowns: Victoria Weaver