Making The Most of Thanksgiving Weekend With The Family

Making The Most of Thanksgiving Weekend With The Family

It's hard to believe it, but thanksgiving is upon us! If you're anything like me and John you have some travel ahead of you followed by a few days of concentrated family time. Though the travel itself may be draining I hope you are able to look forward to the time you have to be with your loved ones. Here's a list of helpful tips to help you be intentional with your people and your time this thanksgiving week.

Leave the politics at the door

We've all been on Facebook throughout this election season, and we all desperately need a break from this emotional roller-coaster. Take this opportunity to recharge with the people God gave you and pour life into each other rather than stir up dissent or frustration. Lay it down as a rule with your family before the weekend even begins and hold each other accountable to it!

Help out in the kitchen

Even if you're not the best cook in the house, this tip is approximately 1/4 helpfulness and 3/4 quality time. Learn more about loving your family better through love languages here. Even if your only role is arranging the marshmallows on the sweet potato casserole, it's still a huge opportunity to show the other cooks in the house that you value you them as well as what they bring to the table (literally and figuratively).

Limit your cell phone time

You don't realize how much time you spend on your phone until you consciously make an effort to step away from it. Time in a room filled with people who's minds are all a world away in the interwebs, is not quality. It's actually a really sad waste of an opportunity to bond and reconnect. I know in this day and age it's nearly impossible to completely check out for a full weekend, but after you post that perfectly cropped photo of turkey, lock your phone and put it away. The likes and comments will be there waiting once everyone's gone to bed. And if it's the awkward silence of not knowing what to say that makes you glance at your phone every thirty seconds; I say embrace the awkward! If you push through, it'll eventually dissipate. If it doesn't, consolation prize, you get a good story to tell your coworkers on Monday.

Take a moment

I am stressed. I am. Sometimes it feels like the holiday season just adds to my to-do list. I know that sounds awful, but it's the honest truth. This week I am committing each day to take a moment while I'm getting ready to think of and list the blessings in my life. From the big ones, like my hubby, to the small ones, like froth in my coffee. Taking a moment at the start of each new day to give thanks for all of the surplus in our lives is probably one of the best ways to re-focus and set our minds to prioritize what matters.

Oftentimes I think it's easy for us to get so caught up in the over-eating and Pre-Christmas rush, that we forget the actual intent and meaning of this holiday. I love Thanksgiving for what it stands for. I love that we as a nation have this day set aside every year to be with our loved ones and think over what we are grateful for. It's an idea worth pursuing and fighting for. If you've somehow gotten away from the heart of this beautiful Holiday I want to encourage you to reclaim it! It is not too late!

What are some ways that you plan on prioritizing your time and efforts this week?

Here's a list of helpful tips to help you be intentional with your people and your time this thanksgiving weekend with family.