Make your Gifts look EXTRA Festive without Spending EXTRA

Make your Gifts look EXTRA Festive without Spending EXTRA

I'm not going to lie, wrapping gifts is kind of my thing. #humblebrag I take pride in making gifts look really festive and setting the stage for the awesome gift inside.  I attribute this love of festive wrapping to my Mom because she always spends extra time to make every gift wrap unique. This being said, I am sharing my three favorite ways to make your gifts look extra festive without spending extra!

1. Add a Texas Sized Bow

Ok, these bows may look difficult but they are SO easy to make. Here is my Mom's trick she taught me.

  • First cut enough wired ribbon to wrap around the gift and tie a knot. The ribbon I used is here and here
  • Next, make three or four big loops of ribbon. 
  • Now, you smoosh your loop in the center to make two more loops. 
  • Then you are ready to set that piece down on the existing tied piece and tie a knot in the middle. 
  • Now all you have to do is separate the loops and you have a giant bow!

2. Add Embellishments to Your Bow

I love going to the Christmas decorating section/craft department to find my gift wrapping additions.  I found these adorable sparkly snowflake ornaments in the seasonal/Christmas section at Walmart. I think they have priced them in a 20 pack for $2.49

Just slip the ribbon through the string section on the snowflake and tie a knot. It hangs beautifully on your present.

I also love these little clippy gold poinsettias.  I am fairly certain they are supposed to be clipped on your tree, but we make our own rules around here. 

Just clip it on and fluff the wired riboon. Easy Peasy.

3. Add a Great Gift Tag

Did y'all really think I was going to miss a chance to shamelessly plug my business? Not a chance, girlfriend! Despite my slight bias, I do LOVE our gift tags this year. They are plastic and we can either customize them with someone's name on the front or you can buy bulk sets that have the standard To: and From: on the back that you can write on with a ballpoint pen.

Here are a few of my favorite sassy gift tags.

There ya have it friends, my secrets to wrapping festive gifts!

What are your favorite ways to spice up your Christmas Wrapping?