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Change Brings Opportunity

Change Brings Opportunity

My relationship with change is definitely love/hate.  As time progresses I have learned to embrace change and see it for what it can be instead of focussing on what has been.  Have you ever looked back on your life and critically examined the little choices and decisions that brought you to your current reality? I can look back on one specific week in my life that was probably the worst week while it was happening, but the best week for my future self because of the upheaval and change it brought to fruition.

My major week of change started on a Monday in October of 2013.  It was Columbus day and I was running an errand for my Mom before heading to Pure Barre.   Out of nowhere, someone ran a red light and t-boned my car in the middle of a busy intersection.  My jeep rolled twice and landed on top of another car.  Fortunately, I only had minor injuries but I was definitely shaken emotionally and psychologically.  It truly was by the grace of God that I did not have more substantial injuries.

You can see where my head hit the driver's door window. You can see where my head hit the driver's door window.

At the end of that week, I had a work conference where I had to travel for several days. Sylvie was just under 6 months old at the time and her favorite pastime was to run out of the door and make you chase her.  She has always been an indoor only kitty, so her running out into the road because she thinks it is fun is my worst nightmare.  While working at the conference, I get a call from the pet sitter that Sylvie has been missing for over 24 hours.  I panicked.  I was hours away and there was nothing I could do but wait and pray.  It is awful to feel so helpless in a situation. Thankfully we have wonderful neighbors who canvassed the area and found my little houdini after several hours. To this day, I still remember that nauseous pit in my stomach from receiving that call.

Sylvie, circa 5 months old!  Sylvie, circa 5 months old!

The last major change that week was the sudden end of a long term relationship.  I had dated someone for several years throughout college and we had started planning a future together. On the way home from my conference he called to say he didn't know what it was, but something didn't feel right about our relationship.  I'll spare you the details because all that really matters is that it ended.

In one week I had a very near death experience, almost lost my fur baby, and suddenly my future plans were completely turned upside down and I lost a relationship with someone who was special to me at the time.  All of this to say, that was a very difficult week and the weeks after that were very difficult to process the upheaval of my life.

When I look back on that week, I realize that it all happened for a reason.  The accident reminded me that really anything can happen at any given moment and to appreciate every moment we are given on this earth.  The accident also gave me perspective for what happened later in the week with my relationship.  The end of that relationship allowed me to focus on what I wanted to do with my career without having to consider anyone else's job placement or location. That in turn, freed me to move to GA with no reservations, join our family business, and eventually start my own company.  Moving to GA also put me in a place to meet my now husband, John.

If you would have asked me during the initial process of that change why any of that happened, I would have given you a blank stare.  I never received an answer to my question of why our relationship ended, all he could say was he didn't know. I know now that John was part of God's answer to my question why.  I honestly didn't realize how unhappy I was in the other relationship until I experienced how truly happy I am with John.

I did learn a few things about how to maximize times of massive change in your life.  Here is what I took away from that chapter of my life.

1. Embrace Things You Enjoy

Times of change allow you to refocus your life on what you want.  Utilize times of change to revisit things you used to enjoy but haven't necessarily had time to devote to it.

2. Give Yourself Time to Process

You don't have to have all of the answers to life's questions immediately, or even have tomorrow planned.  That's Ok. Let your mind have time to adjust to life's new reality.

3. Don't Make Any Irrevocable Decisions

Give yourself time to process without the added pressure of undoable decisions.  If you have to make a major decision, rely more heavily on trusted friends and family for wise counsel.  Take all the time you need before signing on the dotted line.

4. Enjoy The Opportunity to be Spontaneous

You never know what you may end up doing or what opportunities change can bring your way. Take on the mentality of saying YES to new people, things, and experiences.

Change is inevitable.  Sometimes it just comes in bigger doses than others.  I really hope that next time change presents itself in your life that you look at it as a good opportunity and make the most of it.  Life is about the journey, not the destination so you may as well enjoy it.

How do you deal with change?


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