How to Throw a Gift Wrapping Party

How to Throw a Gift Wrapping Party

This post has been sponsored by Huhtamaki, Inc. makers of the Chinet® brand. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The holidays are one of my favorite times of the year because of the extra time spent with friends and family, but it can also be one of the most stressful. Last year I wanted to host a get-together with my friends but didn’t want it to just be another gathering to add to their social calendar. I decided to host a gift wrapping party so that we could all get together to enjoy each other’s company and yummy food, as well as help each other wrap gifts for our loved ones.

We had a wonderful time and got A LOT of presents wrapped. I have partnered with the Chinet® brand to share a few easy steps to throw your own gift wrapping party!

1. Simple Snacks

I am a firm believer in the old KISS adage: KEEP IT SIMPLE SWEETIE. Grab an assortment of yummy holiday cookies and serve them on Chinet® Classic White™ platters. DONE. No one expects a full assortment of homemade baked goods, so do yourself a favor and choose the no-stress option!

I love using Chinet platters because they are easy to either toss or compost when I finish and are strong enough to hold even the heaviest of decorated cookies!

2. Wrapping Supplies

I had plenty of scissors and tape ready for everyone to use, as well as a few rolls of wrapping paper in case anyone forgot or ran out. I also grabbed a few rolls of ribbon and fun, inexpensive gift tags. When inviting friends, I just ask them to bring a roll or two of their favorite wrapping paper, gifts to wrap, and I supply the rest for the gift wrapping party!

3. Sweet Treats for the Road

I never like to send people home empty-handed, so I packed up the leftover cookies (partly so I don’t eat them all later) and sent them home on Chinet® Classic White™ plates wrapped in festive tissue paper with a bow and inexpensive greenery.

I also like to send them home with a yummy cup of hot cocoa in a Chinet® Comfort Cup® insulated hot cup. These treats, along with a carful of wrapped gifts, makes for a very sweet and productive afternoon!

I hope this post gives you the inspiration to host your own gift wrapping party for your friends! We had a great time last year, and I look forward to hosting again this year. For more fun ideas and inspiration, visit!

Here are a few tips to host a gift wrapping party that include yummy food, what to prepare, and what to send home with your friends!