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3 Things I Do After Working Out

3 Things I Do After Working Out

I have always been an active person, but have recently started working out before I go to work.  I love how it gets the endorphins pumping and the great mood it sets up for the rest of the day.  Regardless of the time of day, there are 3 things I do after working out.

1. Wipe Off My Face

I don't put on a lot of makeup before I workout but I typically use a tinted sunscreen to protect my skin and want to clean my skin right after I finish my workout. My Equate Fragrance Free Makeup Remover Towelettes are my favorite towelettes because they get all of the sweat and sunscreen off of my face but are still gentle on my skin.

They are also budget friendly without compromising quality they use essential oils and 99% natural ingredients. I have a pack stored in my car for clean ups and in my bag for whenever the need arises. Even if I workout in the evening and have on my mascara, these towelettes get off even the most stubborn water proof mascara. I found these Equate Towelettes in the cosmetic section with the other facial cleansers at my local Walmart.

2. Drink a Green Juice

I have always been a cold pressed juice fan. When I moved back to Georgia I left behind my favorite juice bar in Virginia. For my birthday one year my Mom gave me a juicer and I have been an avid juicer ever since. My green juice is packed full of nutrients and is my favorite post workout drink because it replenishes and hydrates my body without being heavy on my stomach. You can find my recipe here.

3. Write Down My Workout

Just like keeping a food journal, my workout journal keeps me accountable to stay consistent. I love being able to see my progress right in front of me. I have found that I have to do it within 15 minutes of working out or else I get busy and forget. Include the date and what you did. It's also a great place to give one to two sentences about how you felt during your workout. I typically write down what level of exertion I felt so I can gauge when it is time to increase intensity or move up in weight.

So regardless of the time of day getting my workout in is the best thing that I can do for my physical and emotional health. Wiping down my face with Equate Fragrance Free Towelettes, drinking my green juice, and writing down my progress make sure that I get the most of my daily sweat session.

What is your post workout routine?

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