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3 Things Dog Lovers Should Look for in a Car

3 Things Dog Lovers Should Look for in a Car

This post is sponsored by Autotrader; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I’ve said it many times before, we work hard so that our pets can have a better life.  Since John and I do not have human children, our fur babies are our children. When we added our Great Pyrenees pups, Paco and Pearl, to our family last year we definitely learned a lot about having giant breed dogs. I am so excited to partner with Autotrader for National Dog Day to share what to look for in a car that transports some of your most precious cargo… your dog! In addition to helping you find the perfect vehicle for you and your pup, Autotrader has teamed up with to help you find an adoptable dog in your area that fits your lifestyle! Here are my tips for finding the perfect car for dog and dog parents!

1. Size Matters

We got Paco and Pearl when they were nine weeks old. At nine weeks old they already weighed 19lbs EACH!

At the time I was driving a Lexus RX350 which held five people comfortably, but I knew that it would not be big enough for two 100+ pound dogs. John and I began our search for an SUV that would be big enough to hold both Paco and Pearl as they grew. We used Autotrader to help us with our car shopping.  Autotrader has the largest selection of cars to browse and helped us find the perfect SUV to fit our lifestyle with our dogs! We ended up with a Volvo XC90 which comfortably holds 7 humans, and when the third row seat is down the back it has plenty of space for Paco and Pearl!

2. Flat Cargo Area / Mats

One aspect that we were very keen on finding was a cargo area that would be completely flat.  When we take short trips to run errands around town, Paco and Pearl prefer to ride without their crates.  They love to be able to sit or stand and look out of the window or panoramic sunroof. Since the cargo area is flat, I do not worry about them walking on an uneven surface.  On long trips, we are also able to fit both of their large crates. One of the key items we searched for on Autotrader were all-weather mats. It is so nice to be able to pull the entire mat out of the car and clean it.

3. Rear Seat Vents

Our Volvo XC90 has second and third-row air conditioning vents and they are crucial for keeping the pups comfortable on the road. Someone (Paco) has a tendency to get motion sickness in the car so we keep the A/C on full blast so he doesn’t embarrass his sister Pearl. I highly recommend checking rear-seat vents when you are searching for a car, it makes a huge difference in your dog’s comfort level.

There you have it friends, these are my top tips for finding the perfect car for you and your dog.  For even more tips and tricks on how to travel comfortably with your canine companion check out, they even have a list of specific new and used vehicles that are sure to fit your lifestyle!

Autotrader has celebrated National Dog Day for the last six years, and this year they are shining a light on dog adoption by making a limited number of “Dog Goggles” available on The sporty eyewear keeps dog’s eyes safe while looking stylish in the car.  As part of the program, Autotrader will donate funds to to help get homeless dogs out of shelters and into loving homes.

3 Things Dog Lovers Should Look for in a Car! @Autotrader #AutotraderDogDay #dogsofinstagram #dogstagram #NationalDogDay


3 Things Dog Lovers Should Look for in a Car! @Autotrader #AutotraderDogDay #dogsofinstagram #dogstagram #NationalDogDay

3 Things Dog Lovers Should Look for in a Car! @Autotrader #AutotraderDogDay #dogsofinstagram #dogstagram #NationalDogDay