5 Must Have Cat Products

5 Must Have Cat Products

If you have been hanging around MHM for awhile you have probably seen the adorable kitty babies pop up.  If not, I will catch you up to speed on our lovable trio!

Our oldest is Sylvie and I adopted her in college.  She is extremely curious and loves blogging.

Our two youngest are Toulouse and Luna.  They are littermates.  They just just turned twelve months or one for all the non-parents out there. 😉

As you would imagine, there is a fair amount of maintenance that comes with a small pride of cats.  I will note that most houseguests have no idea that we have cats until they actually see them. They aren't tipped off by an aroma.

3 kitties + clean freak Kitty Momma = a household that has tried every product known to man.

These are my 5 must have cat products!

1. Automatic Litter Box

5 Must Have Cat Products

We have an automatic litter box that is housed on our screened in front porch.  The kitties have access to it through their kitty door.  This is the best thing since sliced bread because your kitties always have clean litter and you don't have to scoop all the time.  I received our automatic litter box as a has a Christmas present, but would have purchased it because it is worth every penny!

2. Favorite Litter

I differentiate here because I absolutely cannot stand litter dust. Even the “non dust” types create dust and the cats always track the small clumping particles out of the box.  Since the automatic litter box is on the front porch I use this type of litter because it is absolutely the best at keeping cat smells at bay.  100% best litter I have ever used.


Inside my priorities shift from long lasting odor control to dust control. I use Yesterday's News inside because it is made from recycled newspaper and creates absolutely no dust.  It works really well and the pellets are too big for the kitties to track them out of the box.  This litter is also great if your cat has recently had surgery because the small particles of the clumping litter can get in their wounds. However, you cannot use this litter in an automatic litter box.

3. Neato Automatic Vacuum

5 Must Have Cat Products

This automatic vacuum makes the shedding of three cats almost undetectable. Of course you are still going to have to pull out the lint roller, but our Neato makes sure that we aren't seeing cat hair all over the floor.  I am always amazed at how much this thing picks up in one day, it looks like a small gerbil.


5 Must Have Cat Products

Our vet recommended Composure for stressful situations. Composure is an all natural supplement that will help naturally relax your cat or dog.  Sylvie has really bad anxiety when she has to go to the vet.  The anxiety is so bad that one vet wanted to sedate her for visits.  Our new vet suggested Composure and it completely works! Since it is natural, you can use it whenever your cat may need to calm down. For example we use it if the kitties have to travel or if there are small children coming to the house. I highly recommend this product because it does not drug your cat, it just makes it easier for them to cope with the stressful situation naturally.

5. Pet Insurance

Let me set the scene, it's a month before our wedding and Toulouse is three months old. The poor little guy starts coughing uncontrollably.  We of course take him to our favorite vet in Savannah and long story short he has pneumonia.  I was already stressed from the wedding and the holidays. This was NOT the time to be making life or death pet decisions based on money. Overnight our free, rescue kitten turned into a $1,500 kitty but he is worth every penny!

From that point forward, I never wanted to be in a position to choose between my animal's care and finances.  All of our pets now have pet insurance.  It's more economical than you may think. Our plan covers everything including well visits, flea medication, spay and neuter, shots, and surgeries.  It also includes a 24 hour vet line in case you have after hours questions for a vet.  If you want more information you can find it here.

5 Must Have Cat Products

What are your must have cat products?